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Koneser De Luxe is a vodka that continues the best traditions of the Warsaw Koneser Vodka Factory, which has been producing luxury vodkas since 1897. It is made according to a traditional recipe from the highest quality grain spirit. It is characterized by a delicate, neutral taste and gains good opinions, which is confirmed by its popularity on the Polish market. In its production, crystal clear deep water and the highest quality, carefully selected and selected ingredients are used. Koneser De Luxe owes its very clear, mild, neutral taste with a barely perceptible hint of vanilla to a careful distillation and filtration process based on traditional methods. Koneser De Luxe is a vodka of high quality and elegant appearance that will surely satisfy every connoisseur. De Luxe with a capacity of 0.7 l packed in a single cardboard box will also be a great gift. Strength: 40%.

Pure vodkas

Alcohol content

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500 ml, 700 ml

Warsaw Vodka Factory Koneser




Regular, premium, luxury and premium vodkas are four categories of vodka that differ in quality, price and production method. Regular vodkas are the cheapest and simplest vodkas that are produced from rectified grain spirit and do not undergo additional final purification or flavoring processes. Koneser offers Żytnia Specjalna (Rye Special Vodka) vodka in this category. Election vodkas are vodkas of higher quality, which are produced from better cereal raw materials – usually rye, and are distilled or rectified at least twice. In Koneser’s offer, this class, also known as economy, includes Bycza (Bullish) and Targowa (Old Market) vodkas.

Luxury vodkas are vodkas of even better quality, which are produced from cereals or potato varieties that meet high quality standards and are distilled at least four times and undergo special purification or filtering processes, e.g. through charcoal, silver or gold. This category, sometimes called mainstream, includes, for example, Koneser Priviledged and Grandis vodkas. Premium vodkas, which category includes, for example, Proximus – vodka produced in Koneser, vodkas of the highest quality, which are produced from exceptional raw materials that meet strict standards and are subjected to multiple distillation and a complicated process of multiple filtration, accompanied in some cases by the process of flavoring, e.g. through glaciers, flowers or herbs. Then such vodkas belong to the highest category called Superpremium and Top Premium. Vodkas in this category are the most expensive and exclusive on the market. In our offer, this category includes vodkas – Koneser de Luxe, Metropolis and Koneser Premium.

Premium and Top Premium class vodkas are produced in Koneser from the highest quality grain spirit in combination with demineralized water. These groups of Koneser vodkas are distinguished by their individual character, mild aroma and neutral taste. What not to say, Koneser vodkas belonging to each class simply have class!


Create your own bottle – personalization and engraving

When buying products of the Warsaw Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser, you have the option of making an engraving or drawing on the bottle. The engraving can be your company’s logo, dedication, occasional wishes, e.g. wedding, graphic motif or any advertising text and personal dedication – we are only limited by the imagination of our clients. By placing the company logo on the bottle, we can build business relationships, strengthen brand awareness or simply make a nice gift to colleagues or partners. On the other hand, giving someone close to you a bottle of good Koneser alcohol with a nice dedication and an original drawing engraved on the bottle will give the recipient pleasure, and may mean something more…

We engrave on flat bottles such as: Koneser De Luxe, Winiak Klubowy, Winiak Klubowy Black, Proximus and many other bottles of our pure, flavored and quality vodkas and liqueurs with a capacity of 90 ml to 1000 ml. The expected waiting time for the engraving does not exceed 14 days, but in urgent cases it is also possible to order by express. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and create your own bottle of your favorite drink from Koneser’s offer.


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