Spirytus Spożywczy (Grain Neutral Spirit) produced by Warsaw Vodka Factory Koneser is perfect for preparing your own medicinal or fruit tinctures at home. After all, our country is famous for home recipes for alcohols passed down from generation to generation. On the basis of food spirit, we can easily create your favorite tincture, as well as liqueur and fancy flavored vodkas. Spirytus Spożywczy is appreciated by all amateurs or craftsmen involved in the production of tinctures. It is able to extract the natural scent and aroma from the sun-scented fruit, which reflects its deep flavor and notes. In the production of tincture, we can use food spirit directly on the fruit without the need to dilute it with water. In fact, in the simplest recipe, it is enough to cover the fruit with sugar, and then, when they release the juice, add the food alcohol. A simple homemade fruit tincture will be ready after two weeks. Enjoy your meal!


Alcohol content

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100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml

Warsaw Vodka Factory Koneser



How is alcohol made?

High-percentage ethyl alcohol, which is obtained from the fermentation and distillation of various plant materials, has been called spirit in Poland for centuries. Where did this name come from? It comes from the Latin idiom spiritus vini – the spirit (smell) of wine. In Poland, spirit is most often made from traditional Polish cereals: rye, wheat, triticale, oats or barley, or from potatoes. The spirit production process consists of several stages:

  • Raw material preparation. It consists in cleaning, grinding and moisturizing the raw material, e.g. potatoes, beets, cereals, fruit or molasses. The purpose of this step is to facilitate the access of enzymes and yeast to the starches or sugars contained in the raw material.
  • Fermentation. This is a biochemical process where yeast converts sugars into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Fermentation takes place in special tanks under the control of temperature, pH and oxygen concentration. The duration of fermentation depends on the type of raw material and yeast, but usually ranges from a few to several days.
  • Distillation. It is a physical process that separates the ethyl alcohol from the other fermentate components such as water, fusel, methanol and other volatile compounds. Distillation involves heating the fermentate to the boiling point of alcohol (approx. 78°C) and condensing its vapors in a cooler. In this way, the so-called raw spirit with an alcohol content of approx. 80-90%.
  • Rectification. It is a process of improving the quality of spirit by removing unwanted volatile compounds such as methanol, aldehydes, esters and organic acids. Purification consists in repeated heating and condensation of spirit in a special rectification column, which is divided into so-called plates or floors. Partial condensation and evaporation of the spirit takes place on each plate, which leads to its gradual purification and an increase in alcohol concentration.
  • Dilution and stabilization. It is a process of bringing the spirit to the desired strength and quality by adding the appropriate amount of demineralized or distilled water and stabilizing additives, such as citric acid or sodium sulfate. The purpose of this stage is to obtain spirit with an alcohol content of 95-96% and to ensure its durability and health safety.

Spirits produced in Koneser are perfect for making homemade liqueurs. They are able to extract the natural smell and aroma from sun-scented fruits, which reflects their deep flavor. They can be used directly on the fruit without the need to dilute with water.

Create your own bottle – personalization and engraving

When buying products of the Warsaw Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser, you have the option of making an engraving or drawing on the bottle. The engraving can be your company’s logo, dedication, occasional wishes, e.g. wedding, graphic motif or any advertising text and personal dedication – we are only limited by the imagination of our clients. By placing the company logo on the bottle, we can build business relationships, strengthen brand awareness or simply make a nice gift to colleagues or partners. On the other hand, giving someone close to you a bottle of good Koneser alcohol with a nice dedication and an original drawing engraved on the bottle will give the recipient pleasure, and may mean something more…

We engrave on flat bottles such as: Koneser De Luxe, Winiak Klubowy, Winiak Klubowy Black, Proximus and many other bottles of our pure, flavored and quality vodkas and liqueurs with a capacity of 90 ml to 1000 ml. The expected waiting time for the engraving does not exceed 14 days, but in urgent cases it is also possible to order by express. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and create your own bottle of your favorite drink from Koneser’s offer.


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