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Kniejówka is characterized by a sweet, slightly cinnamon flavor and a very delicate invigorating forest aroma. This vodka is prepared according to a unique old Polish noble recipe. The Polish nobility willingly increased the taste of vodka by adding the so-called bison grass. The earliest mention of it dates back to the 14th century, so we can say that Warsaw’s Kniejówka from Koneser has nearly seven hundred years of tradition. Koneser produced bison grass-based vodka already in the interwar period. The Kniejówka produced today in Koneser is actually a reactivation of the Kniejówka produced in Ząbkowska. Its uniqueness is determined by perfectly matched proportions and the traditional production method based on old recipes. The grass popularly known as Żubrówka is responsible for the aroma. Under this folk term, there are two species of grasses: sweetgrass and wild grass. Strength: 38%.

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Rye vodka with the addition of grass, commonly known as żubrówka, which is actually turówka fragrant, is one of the most famous and valued Polish vodkas. It owes its characteristic taste and aroma to the grass growing in the Białowieża Forest. Turmeric has been considered an aphrodisiac and a source of vitality for centuries. The first mentions of the use of bison grass to flavor vodka come from the 14th century, and in the 17th and 18th centuries Żubrówka became the favorite drink of the Polish nobility from Podlasie and Vilnius. The vodka recipe, which received the name Żubrówka, was developed in 1926 in Białystok, but its production began in Koneser in Warsaw.

Only in 1928, the production of Żubrówka, according to a slightly modified recipe, mainly due to the availability of bison grass, was moved to Białystok, and then in 1936 to Brześć. It was then that a blade of bison grass was put into each bottle of Żubrówka to give it a unique smell of coumarin, reminiscent of fresh hay. Throughout the period of the People’s Republic of Poland, Żubrówka was produced in Polmos in Białystok, becoming an export commodity and the pride of the Polish alcohol industry. By launching our Kniejówka, we decided to return to the roots of vodka made of bison grass, to the original recipe according to which it was produced in the interwar period in our factory, without the characteristic blade of grass in the bottle. Our Kniejówka is made of rectified rye spirit, which is mixed with a decoction of turmeric. The maceration process takes place in two stages – water and alcohol, and the resulting essence is seasoned and cleaned of sediments and possible impurities.

Kniejówka is characterized by a special, sweet, slightly cinnamon flavor, a very delicate invigorating forest aroma and a characteristic golden aroma. Its uniqueness is determined by perfectly matched proportions and the traditional production method based on the original recipe based on old noble recipes.


Create your own bottle – personalization and engraving

When buying products of the Warsaw Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser, you have the option of making an engraving or drawing on the bottle. The engraving can be your company’s logo, dedication, occasional wishes, e.g. wedding, graphic motif or any advertising text and personal dedication – we are only limited by the imagination of our clients. By placing the company logo on the bottle, we can build business relationships, strengthen brand awareness or simply make a nice gift to colleagues or partners. On the other hand, giving someone close to you a bottle of good Koneser alcohol with a nice dedication and an original drawing engraved on the bottle will give the recipient pleasure, and may mean something more…

We engrave on flat bottles such as: Koneser De Luxe, Winiak Klubowy, Winiak Klubowy Black, Proximus and many other bottles of our pure, flavored and quality vodkas and liqueurs with a capacity of 90 ml to 1000 ml. The expected waiting time for the engraving does not exceed 14 days, but in urgent cases it is also possible to order by express. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and create your own bottle of your favorite drink from Koneser’s offer.


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