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Bycza Strong (Bullish Strong Vodka) is a very interesting product on the spirits market, which will certainly be of interest to lovers of spicy taste and high quality. This vodka refers in taste and character to Warsaw peasant and bourgeois vodkas of the interwar period, which is also reflected in its characteristic label, which can make your eyes water with nostalgia … This vodka smells like a prosperous country farm and a noble manor house from the beginning of the 20th century. Bull is produced from selected grains and crystal clear water, then distilled and filtered. This results in an exceptionally pure and clear drink with a strength of 50% alcohol. Bycza Strong vodka has a characteristic aroma with cereal notes and a slight sweetness that balances its strength. The taste is expressive, but not irritating, with a long and pleasant finish. This vodka is perfect to consume pure, on ice or as a base for drinks. Bycza Strong vodka is an offer for those who are looking for a strong experience, but also high-quality vodka.

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Warsaw Vodka Factory Koneser




Although at the end of the 19th century, when the partitioning powers took over the rights to propination, i.e. the production and sale of beer, vodka and honey, it might seem that this was the end of the Polish “vodka” industry. The destruction of vodka stocks and part of the distillery after the outbreak of World War I made Poles almost masters in the production of home brew. A year after the war, the number of illegal distilleries was over 20,000. Some Polish vodka factories survived the turmoil of war. One of them was the Baczewski factory in Lviv, which in the interwar period grew into the largest producer of alcohol in Poland and one of the largest in Central Europe. The Baczewskis opened branches in Prague, Paris and Vienna. Other vodka factories also gradually rose from collapse, including Warsaw’s Rektfikacja, or later Koneser. The factory became part of the State Spirits Monopoly established in 1919, the proceeds of which accounted for as much as 10 percent of the company’s income. state budget. For Warsaw Vodka Factory, the interwar years were the years of greatest splendor and prosperity.

In the interwar period Koneser produced a quarter of a million bottles of alcohol a day. In 1928, the sales value reached PLN 2.7 million. A year earlier, in 1927, the production of Wyborowa vodka began, which quickly became one of the most popular vodkas in the country. In 1928, Luksusowa potato vodka, the most expensive on the market, was launched. The popularity of Polish vodkas was growing. Also abroad. Virtually everyone drank vodka. Admittedly, in the most representative and fashionable places in Warsaw – Oazie, Adria, at Simon and Stecki’s, the cream of Warsaw society drank wine and champagne, a bottle of which cost as much as the salary of a middle-level official. But there were also vodka lovers here. Also served in fashionable cocktails at that time. But there were other pubs as well. For example, the popular “budget” eatery U Wróbla, where Warsaw-style tripe and herring, served with vodka, enjoyed great popularity. In turn, the shady hams of Powiśle and Szmulki were dominated by cheap, but praised for the taste and strength of vodka from Koneser – Siwucha and Żytnia. The end of this prosperity in the Second Polish Republic was put by the outbreak of World War II and the subordination of Polish spirit plants, including Koneser, to the occupying authorities. The Poles, of course, coped. Again, illegal distilleries came to the fore, producing millions of liters of moonshine of various quality, which became a kind of occupation currency.

Poster advertising flavored vodkas – slivovitz and cranberry vodka produced in Rektfikacja Warszawska. Poster from the first years after regaining independence.

Create your own bottle – personalization and engraving

When buying products of the Warsaw Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser, you have the option of making an engraving or drawing on the bottle. The engraving can be your company’s logo, dedication, occasional wishes, e.g. wedding, graphic motif or any advertising text and personal dedication – we are only limited by the imagination of our clients. By placing the company logo on the bottle, we can build business relationships, strengthen brand awareness or simply make a nice gift to colleagues or partners. On the other hand, giving someone close to you a bottle of good Koneser alcohol with a nice dedication and an original drawing engraved on the bottle will give the recipient pleasure, and may mean something more…

We engrave on flat bottles such as: Koneser De Luxe, Winiak Klubowy, Winiak Klubowy Black, Proximus and many other bottles of our pure, flavored and quality vodkas and liqueurs with a capacity of 90 ml to 1000 ml. The expected waiting time for the engraving does not exceed 14 days, but in urgent cases it is also possible to order by express. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and create your own bottle of your favorite drink from Koneser’s offer.


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