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A perfect combination of pure Koneser vodka and chokeberry fruit gives a drink in the form of Warsaw Chokeberry Vodka (Aronia Warszawska). It is a traditional Polish flavored vodka, or actually a fruit liqueur, produced, like all Koneser brand vodkas, using the traditional method according to old Polish recipes. Thanks to this, the taste, aroma and natural fruit color are extracted in all their fullness and beauty. Warsaw Chokeberry Vodka has a refreshing, tart-sweet taste of chokeberry fruit from Mazovian orchards. The balanced taste of our vodka makes it an excellent base for drinks as an addition to desserts or cakes, and tastes great without any additions. Alcohol content: 25%

Fruit flavored vodkas

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Sweet-tart taste of chokeberry

Chokeberry comes from North America, and the qualities of the fruits of this unusual shrub were discovered by Indians. The French brought chokeberry to Europe in the 18th century. In Poland, aronia has been cultivated since the 1950s, mainly in Podlasie and Mazovia. Chokeberry berries are known for their characteristic – sour, tart taste. They are rich in antioxidants and other compounds that have beneficial health properties. Chokeberry has been shown to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, inflammation and oxidative stress, as well as improve blood sugar regulation, immune system function and cognitive abilities. According to some studies, it may also have a beneficial effect in preventing cancer, diabetes, bacterial and viral infections. Chokeberry berries can be eaten fresh, dried, frozen or processed into juice, jam, and tea. They are also an exceptionally grateful fruit for the production of vodkas and tinctures. The first mention of the use of chokeberry for the production of alcoholic beverages dates back to the 19th century, when it was documented that the Algonquian Indians made wine from it.

Chokeberry vodka is valued for its deep ruby color, intense aroma and crisp, slightly tart taste. It also contains many vitamins and antioxidants that have a beneficial effect on health. The production of homemade chokeberry tincture is relatively simple and does not require specialized equipment. The most important ingredient is good quality fruit, which should be ripe, healthy and fresh. Wash the fruit, dry it and remove the stems. Then they should be placed in a large jar or bottle and pour over spirit or vodka with a strength of at least 40%. The proportions of fruit and alcohol can vary, but usually about 1 kg of aronia per 1 liter of alcohol is used. The jar or bottle should be tightly closed and put away in a dark and cool place for about 2-3 months. During this time, the container should be shaken from time to time so that the fruit does not clump. After this time, the tincture is ready to drink, but it can also be filtered through cheesecloth or a coffee filter and stored in dark bottles. Chokeberry vodka tastes best chilled or on ice. Aronia Warszawska (Warsaw Chokeberry), which we make in Koneser, is produced, like all our flavored vodkas, using the traditional method according to old Polish recipes. Thanks to this, the taste, aroma and natural fruit color are extracted in all their fullness and beauty.


Create your own bottle – personalization and engraving

When buying products of the Warsaw Wytwórnia Wódek Koneser, you have the option of making an engraving or drawing on the bottle. The engraving can be your company’s logo, dedication, occasional wishes, e.g. wedding, graphic motif or any advertising text and personal dedication – we are only limited by the imagination of our clients. By placing the company logo on the bottle, we can build business relationships, strengthen brand awareness or simply make a nice gift to colleagues or partners. On the other hand, giving someone close to you a bottle of good Koneser alcohol with a nice dedication and an original drawing engraved on the bottle will give the recipient pleasure, and may mean something more…

We engrave on flat bottles such as: Koneser De Luxe, Winiak Klubowy, Winiak Klubowy Black, Proximus and many other bottles of our pure, flavored and quality vodkas and liqueurs with a capacity of 90 ml to 1000 ml. The expected waiting time for the engraving does not exceed 14 days, but in urgent cases it is also possible to order by express. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer and create your own bottle of your favorite drink from Koneser’s offer.


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