What is Polish Vodka?

The question seems idiotic. After all, in Poland everyone knows what Polish vodka is and also knows that it is our national treasure and an export product. And yet…

Polish Vodka is such a treasure that it has its own definition approved by the Polish Sejm and the European Parliament. Perhaps not everyone knows, but Polish Vodka is a name that should be written in capital letters. It is an indication of geographical origin. It has been registered in Annex III to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council. The definition of Polish Vodka was also introduced by the Act of 18 October 2006.

Polish Vodka, just like centuries ago, has its own recipe, admittedly defined not by the king, but by appropriate regulations. The term “Polish vodka” functions on the same terms as “Scotch whiskey” or “French champagne”. The Act of the Polish Parliament says that it is: “vodka without additives other than water or flavored vodka with a dominant flavor other than the taste of the raw materials used for its production, containing natural flavorings and in special cases colorants with a maximum level of sugar expressed as invert sugar not exceeding 100 grams per liter of pure alcohol. The definition of “Polska Wódka” clearly states that “Polska Wódka” may be produced only “from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin obtained from rye, wheat, barley, oats or triticale, or potatoes, grown on the territory of the Republic of Poland, where all production stages take place on territory of the Republic of Poland and which may be aged to give it specific organoleptic qualities.

“Polska Wódka” is included in the Register of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) due to its special quality and reputation resulting from the “geographical environment” (i.e. soil, insolation, water and climate), which includes two key determinants of the quality and taste of the final product. Currently, Poland is the largest producer of vodka in the European Union, and we are fourth in the world. However, Polish Vodka is not only an export product, but also an element of image building. After all, Polish vodka was drunk by the participants of the first Concord flight in 1969. She was present at the Oscars and MTV Awards. Polish vodka was also drunk by James Bond himself.

Of course, we do not have to add that all vodkas from Koneser’s offer meet the definition and are Polish Vodka in every sense of the word.

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