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Grain Neutral Spirit 60%


Rectified spirit for tinctures with a strength of 60%, ethyl alcohol intended for the preparation of traditional Polish fruit tinctures without the need to dilute with water.

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Spirit for tinctures by Koneser is perfect for preparing your own fruit, herbal and medicinal tinctures at home. After all, our country is famous for home recipes for alcohols passed down from generation to generation. On the basis of spirit for tinctures with a strength of 60 percent, we can easily create your favorite tincture, liqueur or fancy flavored vodkas. Spirit for tinctures Koneser is appreciated by all amateurs or craftsmen involved in the production of tinctures. It is able to extract the natural scent and aroma from the sun-scented fruit, which reflects its deep flavor and notes. The neutral nature of our spirit makes it possible to mix it with any ingredients, such as fruits, herbs, spices or honey. Our spirit tinctures are aromatic and intense, and their taste depends on the type and proportion of additives. In the production of tincture, we can use spirit directly on the fruit without the need to dilute it with water. In fact, in the simplest recipe, it is enough to cover the fruit with sugar, and then, when they release the juice, add alcohol for tinctures. A simple homemade fruit tincture will be ready after two weeks. Enjoy your meal!

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 725 g
Bottle capacity

500 ml

Alcohol content


Number of bottles in a single package


Quantity of bottles in a bulk package

500 ml – 15


Warsaw Vodka Factory Koneser

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